Dealing With the Project Saboteur

There is a presentation I have given where I talk about a “Supportive” stakeholder. These stakeholders understand WHY a project is important and will assist in its execution and completion. These “Supportive” stakeholders may not have wanted this project to be approved in the first place or see it as a burden during execution. But,Continue reading “Dealing With the Project Saboteur”

Beware of Saying “YES”

“Jason, we’d love it if you could join our committee. With all the changes in the community and our work to get ready, you’d be a great addition!” Though I appreciated being asked, I was hesitant. This non-profit organization had great growth potential, but since being involved with them a year and a half earlier,Continue reading “Beware of Saying “YES””

Building a 212 Degree Team

Water. By itself, it’s inorganic, tasteless, odorless and colorless (most of the time anyway). It has no calories. There are no nutrients. However, all forms of life need it to survive. Water on its own is important. But, do you know what happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit? It boils. And when it boils, it createsContinue reading “Building a 212 Degree Team”

What “Invisible Hand” Impacts Your Team?

I’m a bicyclist. I’ve been cycling consistently for almost 15 years and participated in a number of rides and races. It’s relaxing and depending on where you go, can see some unique sites. I also live in Fargo, North Dakota, where after a 25 mile bike ride, my Garmin says I had 12 feet ofContinue reading “What “Invisible Hand” Impacts Your Team?”

Tips for Managing a Creative Team

“Well, that conversation didn’t go as planned!” This is something I’ve said to myself a few times in my career when working with creative teams and team members (including very recently, working with a website & marketing team). Though I make it a point to customize my communication style to the person or audience, IContinue reading “Tips for Managing a Creative Team”