Working in the “Gray Zone”

“Yeah, well, you know gray is my favorite colorI felt so symbolic yesterdayIf I knew PicassoI would buy myself a gray guitar and play” – Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows I heard this on a “Classic Hits” station (released in 1993) and had to chuckle. I can still remember most of the lines andContinue reading “Working in the “Gray Zone””

Don’t Crash on the PPM Mountain Bike Trail!

I listened to a podcast recently where the guest compared entrepreneurship to riding a mountain bike down a hill. Until that point, the talking was background noise. But, because I love all types of biking, they had my attention. The premise is, when you mountain bike down a steep grade, you’re only looking 10-20 feetContinue reading “Don’t Crash on the PPM Mountain Bike Trail!”

My PMO Can Beat Up Your PMO: A Tale of 2 Defunct Departments & Why PMO’s Fail

A couple years ago, back when we could have in-person events, I attended a local PMI presentation on process and experience mapping. It was informative with engaging exercises and great conversations. After the presentation was over, I overheard two people having a disagreement about the PMO’s they worked for. I’m paraphrasing their conversation here, but…Continue reading “My PMO Can Beat Up Your PMO: A Tale of 2 Defunct Departments & Why PMO’s Fail”

Impacts of Multitasking on Relationships

I got busted. Big-time busted. Imagine you’re leading a meeting with a number of managers on the call. You’re sharing your screen, walking through an important process and outlining critical tasks. A couple attendees start talking, and you notice that little email icon light up. Your email is on another screen, so you click it.Continue reading “Impacts of Multitasking on Relationships”

Create A Culture of Recognition On Your Project Team

As I watched my boss get an award and recognition for work my team and I did, I got pissed. Not only did he do jack shit, he didn’t even know about our project, or that we’d completed it early with 100% of requirements met, until two days ago! I shared status updates with himContinue reading “Create A Culture of Recognition On Your Project Team”