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Strategic Development & Project Portfolio Management

Bridge the Gap Consulting is your Strategic Realization partner, helping small to medium-sized business and non-profit executives turn Vision into Reality. We achieve strategic realization through strategy development, and flexible, scalable, project portfolio management processes.

Every initiative a company undertakes should be a success story!

Companies create strategies to establish clear goals, get everyone moving the same direction, and advance its mission. But, while most companies are skilled at developing strategies, most struggle transforming them into sustainable results.

By understanding your strategic goals, we can develop and execute on a strategic portfolio that includes projects, programs, and change management that directly address the strategic imperatives and goals identified by the executive team.

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BTG Core Values are:

  • Create More Value Than I Capture – I help companies deliver their big, audacious goals that allow them to grow.  I’m here to create far greater value than I capture in compensation.
  • Harness the Power of Teams to Color Outside the Lines – Sometimes a situation requires we look at alternatives to solve complex problems.  Harness the collective wisdom and power of the team to color outside the lines.
  • Communication is My Customer Service – and it’s market driven!  I communicate frequently, clearly, and honestly with our clients and teams.  I’m not afraid to have tough conversations and will offer options whenever possible.
  • Be Better, Not Bigger – The question I ask is, what can I do to make my business better?  By asking this instead of how I can grow my business larger, I focus on my client’s success and ensure they are meeting their strategic goals and maximize value.  I’m usually the quiet one who’s internally motivated to make a difference without shouting!
  • Keep Agile at All Times – processes are great for consistency and repeatability.  However, they are not unbreakable rules to be followed.  Processes are tailored to each company and team, understanding organizational agility and process flexibility are critical to ever-evolving business landscapes.

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