Strategic Development & Project Portfolio Management

Bridge the Gap helps small to medium-sized business executives and their teams turn Vision into Reality. We achieve this through strategic development and flexible, scalable, project portfolio management processes.

Many companies struggle with aligning projects with strategy and execution. They need help, but don’t know where to start.

At BTG, we have the ability and experience to look at the big picture and help companies develop a project environment that quickly improves project success and delivers business results.

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Beware of Saying “YES”

“Jason, we’d love it if you could join our committee. With all the changes in the community and our work to get ready, you’d be a great addition!” Though I appreciated being asked, I was hesitant. This non-profit organization had great growth potential, but since being involved with them a year and a half earlier,Continue reading “Beware of Saying “YES””

Building a 212 Degree Team

Water. By itself, it’s inorganic, tasteless, odorless and colorless (most of the time anyway). It has no calories. There are no nutrients. However, all forms of life need it to survive. Water on its own is important. But, do you know what happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit? It boils. And when it boils, it createsContinue reading “Building a 212 Degree Team”