Operationalize Your PMO

Once your PMO is up and running, operationalizing and doing continuous improvement (CI) go hand-in-hand. When people ask what’s the difference between the two, I say operationalizing are static functions you’ll always perform and CI is iterative. They’re done at the same time. Sometimes CI may lead to changes to the PMO’s operations, but you’reContinue reading “Operationalize Your PMO”

PMO and Continuous Improvement

I had a boss once say the trick to continuous improvement is to make it seem easy to the outside world, even though it’s a lot of work within an inner circle. Every improvement is strategic and intentional. She was amazing at CI. Now that the PMO is chugging along, it’s time for you, asContinue reading “PMO and Continuous Improvement”

PMO Establishment & Implementation

You’ve done the PMO Assessment. Then you created the PMO Business Case. You’ve been to meetings and finally got approval to establish your PMO. Now the fun really starts! Now, I’ve seen PMO Establishment and Implementation called out as two separate steps. For this article and from what I’ve done in the past, I combineContinue reading “PMO Establishment & Implementation”

Why Do PMO’s Fail?

PMO Failure. We hear about PMO’s failing all the time. Some fail to deliver expected results but somehow tend to linger on in a semi-effective state. Others suck so bad they just get shut down and disbanded. Stats on PMO failure rates are all over the map based on your definition of “failure.” But oneContinue reading “Why Do PMO’s Fail?”