Project Management Using the ADD-vantage Process

ADD-vantage is a process I have developed over my 20+ years’ experience helping companies deliver maximum value with the projects they undertake. The ADD-vantage process is simple, scalable to any business, and puts a project in a position to be successful from the very beginning. Read below and Contact Me to learn more!

Align –Ensure the project ALIGNS with your goals and organizational strategy.  The question “How does this project align with your strategy?” is often met with um’s and ah’s.  We will ensure the project delivers value and benefits the company’s “Big Picture.”

Design – Using a variety of project management best practices, we will DESIGN a right-sized approach for the project, one that is not burdensome with too many unnecessary steps or documents.  Have a process in place already?  Great! We’ll use that and give any feedback for improvements as we move through the project.

Deliver – Completing a project is more than just a finished product or result.  People need to be informed, trained, communicated with repeatedly, and followed up with post-release.  We can craft a DELIVERY approach that not only rolls the project out, but takes the people into consideration, also.

“I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jason while he was managing a number of critical initiatives for our team. Jason is an excellent program manager who consistently delivers results. Jason was instrumental in the successful delivery of a number of key M&A related projects as well as complex international efforts that involved the coordination of a number of third parties and a distributed team working across different time zones. Working under challenging circumstances, Jason is a respected leader and team player who always remains focused on the end goal, finding ways to overcome challenges and setbacks and still deliver on time and under budget without sacrificing scope. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jason again.”

  • Stephanie W., Director of Transformation
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