Process Optimization

“We have a process, but don’t ask me what it is!”

When I ask if an organization has project management processes, this is the response I usually get.  Companies can be successful taking an ad hoc approach, but it’s usually not repeatable and sustainable as it grows. Common issues I see are

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Team members don’t understand theirs or others roles and responsibilities
  • Don’t understand how the project fits into the “Big Picture”
  • Lack or no project sponsor or senior leadership engagement
  • Poor project definition and requirements, welcoming the dreaded “scope creep”

These process issues, and many more ,can be resolved following four simple steps.

  1. Assess: Understand what your process is, what’s working well, and what could be done better
  2. Design: By understanding the current state, identify pain points and prioritize them for resolution
  3. Implement: With our list prioritized, utilize the ADDvantage process to implement change
  4. Monitor: Implemented doesn’t always mean done! We’ll put tools in place to monitor process changes and make enhancements in the future.

If you have process issues and need help optimizing them, please Contact Me today!!

“Jason helped me and my business pivot during the start of the COVID shutdowns. By re-charting our strategic goals and putting processes in place to support them, we not only stayed afloat, but emerged stronger financially than we were before.”

  • Kerry N., owner of a networking company
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