About BTG

BTG was started with the mission to Bridge the Gap between organizational vision and reality.  I’m passionate about helping companies, teams and individuals be successful and deliver value.  My commitment is to help simplify the complex.

At the end of the day, I call myself a “Helper.”

My Values Include:

  • Create More Value Than We Capture – we help companies deliver their big, audacious goals that allow them to grow.  We are here to create far greater value than we capture in compensation.
  • Harness the Power of Teams to Color Outside the Lines – sometimes a situation requires we look at alternatives to solve complex problems.  Harness the collective wisdom and power of the team to color outside the lines.
  • Communication is Our Customer Service – and it’s market driven!  We communicate frequently, clearly, and honestly with our clients and teams.  We’re not afraid to have tough conversations and will offer options whenever possible.
  • Agile and Flexible – processes are great for consistency and repeatability.  However, they are not unbreakable rules to be followed.  Processes are tailored to each company and team, understanding organizational agility and process flexibility are critical to ever-evolving business landscapes.
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