The Best Communication Doesn’t Always Require Words

As someone who’s been in the project portfolio management profession for 18 years, I can attest to the statistic that project managers spend 90% of their time communicating.  We’re talking, emailing, in meetings, on the phone, instant messaging and more throughout the day.  But when a team clicks, I’ve found that words aren’t always needed.Continue reading “The Best Communication Doesn’t Always Require Words”

Detach & Gain Perspective

This meeting sucked.  The organizer had lost complete control.  Discussions went from factual to emotional.  Three conversations were happening at once.  And then, a crier. I knew the crier well.  She was on my team and I had worked with her over a year.  She was solid; able to take on any issue quickly andContinue reading “Detach & Gain Perspective”

“I’m Busy” is a BS Excuse; a Lesson From My 7 Year Old Son

My schedule for the day goes something like this: 5 AM: up and to the gym 6:30 AM: home, showered, changed, lookin’ adequate 6:50 AM: making the kids’ breakfast, find socks, pack bags, and make myself coffee before I lose my mind 7:48 AM: at work Noon: Lunch maybe, or just more work; depends onContinue reading ““I’m Busy” is a BS Excuse; a Lesson From My 7 Year Old Son”

Culture of Success & Ongoing Team Dynamics (Post #8)

The project is kicked off.  Work is in progress.  Results are being seen.  Everything is Awesome!!  Until it’s not. As the project leader, you want to be the first stop for team members when issues and conflict arise.  This will require you to have a higher level of EQ (emotional quotient, or intelligence) than theContinue reading “Culture of Success & Ongoing Team Dynamics (Post #8)”