Would This Be Acceptable to Your Biggest Critic?

The other day I had a nostalgic moment when I was sending something to an executive director.  I reviewed the information being sent a couple times, but in the end didn’t feel it was complete.  Then I asked myself; would this be acceptable to the biggest critic I’ve ever had in my career? Flash backContinue reading “Would This Be Acceptable to Your Biggest Critic?”

A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable

Out of nowhere, a golf ball suddenly appeared on the floor of my cube.  That only meant one thing; my boss was a second behind. But instead of taking a deep breath and hoping this boss would be in and out of my cube in under 30 seconds, I actually looked forward for the interactionContinue reading “A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable”

Sometimes as a Leader, You Also Need to be a Follower

I’ve been in the project leadership game for a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of things.  Had great successes.  Had a few failures.  I’ve lead hundreds of people across the world.  I pride myself on putting my teams in the spotlight when we do great things.  Damn it, I get things done! But aContinue reading “Sometimes as a Leader, You Also Need to be a Follower”

Build a Powerful Team

Michael Jordan played alongside Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley and Dennis Rodman.  Warren Buffet has Charley Munger and Greg Abel.  Joe Montana had Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice.  Thomas Jefferson had John Adams and Aaron Burr (plus a few more).  Margaret Thatcher had an army of ministers.  Steve Jobs had Steve Wazniak.  From leading countries, to companies,Continue reading “Build a Powerful Team”

I Went Off the Grid, and the World Didn’t End!

Since the Fourth of July fell in the middle of the week this year, I decided to take a couple days off after the holiday and enjoy a long weekend.  I told my team if they needed me while I was away, I’d be available. My family and I drove off to northern Minnesota toContinue reading “I Went Off the Grid, and the World Didn’t End!”