Develop Your “Internal Clock” for Meetings

I like football. I played in high school and continue to watch the game today. My favorite position to watch is the offensive leader; the quarterback. Those steely-eyed missile men need to lead their teammates, remain calm under pressure and be able to adjust quickly when plays don’t quite go as planned. Quarterbacks have aContinue reading “Develop Your “Internal Clock” for Meetings”

Drinking From a Firehouse is a Bad Way to Get Hydration

This race sucked!  It was my 13th half marathon, and it was quite possibly the most miserable I’d been running, ever (unlucky 13).  First, my friend and I didn’t get into town until late the night before, so only got a few hours of sleep (not to mention a few beers at dinner).  It hadContinue reading “Drinking From a Firehouse is a Bad Way to Get Hydration”

“Got A Minute” is Never a Minute!

“Got a minute?” Hearing those words sends shivers down my spine.  Hearing those three words automatically equates to 30 minutes in my head.  “Got a Minute” never takes a minute.  Heck, it usually takes someone 3 minutes to describe what it is they want to talk about.  Got a Minute is NEVER a minute. SoContinue reading ““Got A Minute” is Never a Minute!”