Issue-Free Projects Are the Exception, NOT the Norm

I enjoy being part of project management panel discussions. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone asks a question or talks about a situation that blows your mind! In a recent panel discussion, one such comment came up. This person asked us how many of our projects have had issues because according toContinue reading “Issue-Free Projects Are the Exception, NOT the Norm”

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Go Wrong

The team spent months preparing for this initiative. It was one of my first infrastructure projects where we were implementing a new development office that would house about 40 technical staff. There would also be a data warehouse to be used by all global development teams so it reduced their time creating test data asContinue reading “You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Go Wrong”

Develop Your Team’s WISH List

“We don’t track our risks.  If something happens, we figure it out.” The comment caught me by surprise.  This person is running a $500k program and don’t track risks?  There are no mitigation plans?  Nothing? Nope.  As this person explained, the executive overseeing the project previously had a project manager who did nothing but talkContinue reading “Develop Your Team’s WISH List”