Project242: Crashing is Inevitable

Project242 (P242) is my journey to bike 242 miles in 24 hours, across the state of Minnesota on gravel roads, in August, 2021 (the Day Across MN, or the DAMN). I’ve found many lessons experienced riding a bike can be applied to our careers. In these posts, I will share the correlations. “Well, this ain’tContinue reading “Project242: Crashing is Inevitable”

Not Every Story Your PMO Tells Will Have a Happy Ending

I’m sure you’ve all seen them. Those Disney movies where life is happy and carefree in the beginning. Then, bad shit happens and there’s chaos, sadness, and destruction. The hero, or heroes, fight evil with help of their friends and in the end, triumph! Everyone is great again and life is grand. Happy Ending!! AsContinue reading “Not Every Story Your PMO Tells Will Have a Happy Ending”

Prepare Your Project for Death

That’s right, we’re not supposed to talk about death, even when talking about projects! But let’s be honest, some projects are destined to fail. Some are destined never to even start. So why is it then, when we have an initiative “coming off the rails” or the market suddenly shifts, there seems to be aContinue reading “Prepare Your Project for Death”