Problem Solving: Tips on Solving the ACTUAL Problem

“Doc, my right knee’s been hurting for a while. When I run I have to slow down after about 15 minutes. Do you know what the problem is with my knee?” My chiropractor is really good. A former Ironman, he understands the human body and the stresses it can be put under. In my case,Continue reading “Problem Solving: Tips on Solving the ACTUAL Problem”

Why Would I Hire a Project Management Consultant?

“Why would I want to hire a project management consultant? I’m trying to build a family within my company and to rattle everyone with bringing in someone from the outside, only for them to leave again, would be detrimental. I just don’t see the point.” In the back of my mind I’m thinking, families areContinue reading “Why Would I Hire a Project Management Consultant?”

Project Management Trends for 2021 and Beyond

The dumpster fire of 2020 is slowly being extinguished. Project management, like many professions, has undergone a transformation in the past 12 months. Project managers (PM’s) have experienced disruption and needed to adapt. The way they, and their teams, have worked shifted. Businesses had to pivot, causing projects and the way they executed them toContinue reading “Project Management Trends for 2021 and Beyond”

Dealing With the Project Saboteur

There is a presentation I have given where I talk about a “Supportive” stakeholder. These stakeholders understand WHY a project is important and will assist in its execution and completion. These “Supportive” stakeholders may not have wanted this project to be approved in the first place or see it as a burden during execution. But,Continue reading “Dealing With the Project Saboteur”

Building a 212 Degree Team

Water. By itself, it’s inorganic, tasteless, odorless and colorless (most of the time anyway). It has no calories. There are no nutrients. However, all forms of life need it to survive. Water on its own is important. But, do you know what happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit? It boils. And when it boils, it createsContinue reading “Building a 212 Degree Team”