What is Your Project’s Competition?

Competition is all around. Your business is competing for clients and market share. We compete against co-workers to be on a new team or get a promotion. Pro sports teams compete to be the best in their divisions. We may even encourage our kids to compete hard and win. Everything seems to be a competition.Continue reading “What is Your Project’s Competition?”

We Are Triumphant Despite _____________!!

As project and program managers, we frequently face adversity. It can come from the team, management, stakeholders, and outside the company. It’s everywhere! Because you’re also leading one of the company’s initiatives, you need to be triumphant despite those adversities that are thrown in your path. It’s our job to take issues in stride andContinue reading “We Are Triumphant Despite _____________!!”

Sometimes What Sucks Builds an Unstoppable Team

I normally wear a size 12 shoe. For this occasion, however, I was talked into a size 13. The sales person told me to go bigger because of what I was doing. As I looked down at those size 13’s, I could feel my ankles had swollen and my toes were now starting to bangContinue reading “Sometimes What Sucks Builds an Unstoppable Team”

Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!

Introverts.  Those quiet, shy people who when spoken to, turn red and look down.  They like to work on their own and after a team meeting, look so tired you’d swear they need a nap.  When you talk to them, the most extroverted of the introverts will look at your shoes vs. their own.  OnContinue reading “Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!”