What To Do Before Assigning Team Members

“We need Todd on this project. He’s critical!” “What’s Todd’s role? What other roles do we need? Does Todd have the tools he needs?” “I don’t know, but Todd needs to be on this. He’s on all projects.” There was a couple problems with this conversation. First, Todd (who was a senior developer) was assignedContinue reading “What To Do Before Assigning Team Members”

Will the Coronavirus Test Your Remote Team Leadership?

I remember when the H1N1 outbreak was happening in 2009. I was traveling frequently all over the U.S. As H1N1 picked up steam and more people contracted it, we were asked to temporarily limit or cancel travel all together. Getting on a plane posed a risk. However, to my boss at the time, an H1N1Continue reading “Will the Coronavirus Test Your Remote Team Leadership?”

Issue-Free Projects Are the Exception, NOT the Norm

I enjoy being part of project management panel discussions. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone asks a question or talks about a situation that blows your mind! In a recent panel discussion, one such comment came up. This person asked us how many of our projects have had issues because according toContinue reading “Issue-Free Projects Are the Exception, NOT the Norm”

What is Your Project’s Competition?

Competition is all around. Your business is competing for clients and market share. We compete against co-workers to be on a new team or get a promotion. Pro sports teams compete to be the best in their divisions. We may even encourage our kids to compete hard and win. Everything seems to be a competition.Continue reading “What is Your Project’s Competition?”

We Are Triumphant Despite _____________!!

As project and program managers, we frequently face adversity. It can come from the team, management, stakeholders, and outside the company. It’s everywhere! Because you’re also leading one of the company’s initiatives, you need to be triumphant despite those adversities that are thrown in your path. It’s our job to take issues in stride andContinue reading “We Are Triumphant Despite _____________!!”