Training for a Race IS a Project

There it was, the finish line. After thousands of feet of climbing up and down countless hills, I rounded the corner and saw the blow-up arches with the word “FINISH” emblazoned across the top. Beyond the arch was the large wooden wolf that race organizers always have at the finish (you “Kiss the Wolf” whenContinue reading “Training for a Race IS a Project”

New Year’s Resolutions: Three Words You Need to Know

Tis the season to make New Year’s Resolutions! This time-honored tradition happens when a person resolves to change undesirable habits, or, more commonly, accomplish a personal goal. Yes, we hear them every year, and probably make a couple ourselves. But, I’ve read upwards of 80% of New Year’s resolutions FAIL! 80%! That’s a lot. IContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions: Three Words You Need to Know”

Warning: Dates On The Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

If you drive or ridden in the passenger seat of a vehicle and looked at the side mirror, you may have noticed the little sticker that says “OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR.” When changing lanes, we check them (most of the time anyway). Sometimes, even though the car we see looksContinue reading “Warning: Dates On The Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear”

It Doesn’t Need to be a Perfect Plan to Start!

I was working with a potential new client on an initiative they’d been considering for over a year.  It was a manufacturing process technology they knew would add value and drive efficiency to their operations.  But alas, they never got past the initial discussions. I was asked by someone I knew at this company toContinue reading “It Doesn’t Need to be a Perfect Plan to Start!”