Project Management Predictions for 2023

Tis the season to take a step back to look forward. As another year wraps up, it’s time to peer ahead at this dynamic career of project management and what may change in 2023 and beyond. Here are my predictions! Reimagining Stakeholder Engagement. Stakeholders are a big deal on any project. I learned that yearsContinue reading “Project Management Predictions for 2023”

Strategic Priorities: Figuring Out What You’re Doing And What You’re Not

The excitement. The laughter. The ideas. The energy. It was amazing! Imagine you have a business idea, one for a very niche market where your friends are lining up to subscribe. It’s something you enjoy doing and want to share your passion with others. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! That’s what two friends were describing overContinue reading “Strategic Priorities: Figuring Out What You’re Doing And What You’re Not”

There Will Always Be More

I was at a training last week where the topic was identifying your purpose in work and life, and strategies to be better at both.  There were a number of small group discussions with others at the table and around the room.  The topics covered a broad range but got us talking about how weContinue reading “There Will Always Be More”