Daily 2-Minute Drill

If you watch American football, you understand the concept of the “2-minute drill”. It’s essentially a hurry-up offense in the last two minutes of a half. When I played high school football, we practiced the two minute drill every day. We knew the plays to run so we could do a “no huddle” and keepContinue reading “Daily 2-Minute Drill”

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Imagine you’re running a program aimed at growing an area of the business.  It includes a new website, e-commerce solution, product development, marketing, and a conference.  You’re a little light on people to begin with, but everyone is super smart and aligned to the project’s goal.  Everyone is committed to its success. But that warmContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New”

Um, No, I Don’t Have A Development Plan For You

I remember being a junior project manager ready to take on new challenges and bring light to the darkest projects.  Question was, what’s the path I should follow to do that?   So in I marched to see my boss with a simple question: What is my development plan this year?  I can still hear herContinue reading “Um, No, I Don’t Have A Development Plan For You”