A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable

Out of nowhere, a golf ball suddenly appeared on the floor of my cube.  That only meant one thing; my boss was a second behind. But instead of taking a deep breath and hoping this boss would be in and out of my cube in under 30 seconds, I actually looked forward for the interactionContinue reading “A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable”

Sometimes as a Leader, You Also Need to be a Follower

I’ve been in the project leadership game for a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of things.  Had great successes.  Had a few failures.  I’ve lead hundreds of people across the world.  I pride myself on putting my teams in the spotlight when we do great things.  Damn it, I get things done! But aContinue reading “Sometimes as a Leader, You Also Need to be a Follower”

Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!

Introverts.  Those quiet, shy people who when spoken to, turn red and look down.  They like to work on their own and after a team meeting, look so tired you’d swear they need a nap.  When you talk to them, the most extroverted of the introverts will look at your shoes vs. their own.  OnContinue reading “Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!”

Um, No, I Don’t Have A Development Plan For You

I remember being a junior project manager ready to take on new challenges and bring light to the darkest projects.  Question was, what’s the path I should follow to do that?   So in I marched to see my boss with a simple question: What is my development plan this year?  I can still hear herContinue reading “Um, No, I Don’t Have A Development Plan For You”

“Got A Minute” is Never a Minute!

“Got a minute?” Hearing those words sends shivers down my spine.  Hearing those three words automatically equates to 30 minutes in my head.  “Got a Minute” never takes a minute.  Heck, it usually takes someone 3 minutes to describe what it is they want to talk about.  Got a Minute is NEVER a minute. SoContinue reading ““Got A Minute” is Never a Minute!”