Project242: Being Visible vs. Being Invisible

Project242 (P242) is my journey to bike 242 miles in 24 hours, across the state of Minnesota on gravel roads, in August, 2021 (the Day Across MN, or the DAMN). I’ve found many lessons experienced riding a bike can be applied to our careers. In these posts, I will share the correlations. I knew IContinue reading “Project242: Being Visible vs. Being Invisible”

I Quit 6 Months Ago, But I’m Telling You Now! How Bad Leaders Lose Good People

“Will you be a reference for me?” I’ve worked with this person a couple times over the past 6 years. She’s smart, driven, can see the big picture and knows how to tactically plan to realize company goals. Anyone would want her on their team. That’s why when she started with her current employer 4Continue reading “I Quit 6 Months Ago, But I’m Telling You Now! How Bad Leaders Lose Good People”

What is Your PMO’s “Marketing Plan”

This post was originally written in 2019. But, out of respect for the PMO manager who asked not to be named or have this published until his retirement in March of 2021, I held off. Today, 3/11, was his last day. Thank you, good sir, for being a leader, mentor, and friend. One of myContinue reading “What is Your PMO’s “Marketing Plan””

Is Your PMO Counting the Right Things

When it comes to reporting and giving updates to management and senior leadership, there’s a story I think back to. During World War II, many bombers were getting hit by anti-aircraft guns. The Center for Naval Analyses officers wanted to add some protective armor to shield the planes. The question was, “where”? The planes couldn’tContinue reading “Is Your PMO Counting the Right Things”

Are You Thankful For Your Job?

Thanksgiving; that magical holiday where we fill ourselves turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and the occasional glass(es) of wine.  We gather with family and friends and enjoy the laughs and dysfunction that goes along with it.  Then there’s the pouring over ads to find that perfect Black Friday gift while nibbling onContinue reading “Are You Thankful For Your Job?”