A Leadership Lesson, From an Ant

As I was sitting under the canopy of our camper enjoying the late summer day and reading a book.  Suddenly, the silence was shattered by one of my boys bursting out of the camper door, quickly eating jelly toast before jumping on his bike and tearing off.  In his haste, a large crumb of breadContinue reading “A Leadership Lesson, From an Ant”

Hit It Hard and Hope For The Best

I played high school tennis with a coach who was a former pro.  His words were drilled into us and still ring in my head today: “Hitting a shot well is a requirement.  Hitting it hard is not.”  He taught the lessons of good form, hitting the ball with proper spin, and placing it whereContinue reading “Hit It Hard and Hope For The Best”

I Went Off the Grid, and the World Didn’t End!

Since the Fourth of July fell in the middle of the week this year, I decided to take a couple days off after the holiday and enjoy a long weekend.  I told my team if they needed me while I was away, I’d be available. My family and I drove off to northern Minnesota toContinue reading “I Went Off the Grid, and the World Didn’t End!”