The Future of Project Management?

In these pandemic times, I’ve found opportunities to do professional development. These include reading books, blogs, white papers and engaging in professional social media posts. Topics have been wide-ranging; from PMO creation & operation, to leadership, to creating your own personal “Code.” I’ve also joined a couple networking groups with diverse members from different industries.Continue reading “The Future of Project Management?”

Engage in Intellectual Combat

One of the joys (or maybe lack thereof) of traveling is the wide array of conversations you overhear at airports and in airplanes. Given we’re a captive audience in an airport Starbucks line or sitting middle seat on a three hour flight, the conversations within earshot are plentiful and sometimes, very colorful. As I crammedContinue reading “Engage in Intellectual Combat”

One Skill That Cannot be Become a Commodity

Technology will continue to evolve and take repetitive tasks away from humans. This was highlighted on a call with a sales person recently. They were demoing a finance software. Every question was met with: It does that automatically. You don’t have to do a thing. The system does it for you. No, trending analysis isContinue reading “One Skill That Cannot be Become a Commodity”