A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable

Out of nowhere, a golf ball suddenly appeared on the floor of my cube.  That only meant one thing; my boss was a second behind. But instead of taking a deep breath and hoping this boss would be in and out of my cube in under 30 seconds, I actually looked forward for the interactionContinue reading “A Good Boss Makes Even A Bad Company Tolerable”

What’s Your Team’s Battle Cry?!

I thought hockey parents traveled a lot to tournaments until one of my kids joined swimming.  There are a lot of weekends sitting in uncomfortably hot bleachers waiting for potentially hours to watch a 50 second swim.  Though long days, if he loves it, how can I say no? At the start of every meet,Continue reading “What’s Your Team’s Battle Cry?!”

Culture of Success and “Governance”: the 10 Letter – 4 Letter Word (Post #2)

In this episode of Culture of Success, we’ll talk about Governance.  The focus will be on project and program selection.  If you’ve been in project management for any length of time, you’ve experienced what I like to refer to as the “drive by project.”  This is where someone, usually in management, says they need aContinue reading “Culture of Success and “Governance”: the 10 Letter – 4 Letter Word (Post #2)”