The Role of a PMO Executive Sponsor

When you’re in the process of setting up or revamping a PMO you, as the PMO leader, will need support and direction. Enter the PMO Executive Sponsor! The sponsor will give your PMO street cred. Though a PMO Steering Committee is not guaranteed, make the PMO Executive Sponsor a must-have. Otherwise, you may not haveContinue reading “The Role of a PMO Executive Sponsor”

Traits of a PMO Leader

Congratulations! You’re a PMO Leader! Welcome to a challenging, dynamic world where you get to delivery strategic value all while having a target on your back. Good times! Being a PMO leader has been one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my career. Thankfully, I’ve had some really good mentors along the wayContinue reading “Traits of a PMO Leader”

Don’t Punish Your Teammates for Being Honest

“Please tell me what you’re thinking. I promise I won’t be upset!” She looked nervous. She was smart, forward thinking, and I could tell from her body language she didn’t agree with me. But, given the last project manager wasn’t open to feedback and often got upset when he received it, she didn’t want toContinue reading “Don’t Punish Your Teammates for Being Honest”

The Importance of Having a Project Manger, per ChatGPT

I finally gave ChatGPT a try. My kids and I have been messing around, having it write songs, create jokes, and rewrite a paper my one kiddo already did. It’s been interesting and funny. I wondered what else it could write. I recently read about a company having financial issues because one of their keyContinue reading “The Importance of Having a Project Manger, per ChatGPT”