Meeting Planning; Cut Your Projected Time in Half

I was in a meeting with a team I’d never worked with before.  They were preparing for another meeting with some very important people to go over the results of a six month study.  They planned on using 1.5 hours to summarize how the study was conducted as well as the key findings. As theContinue reading “Meeting Planning; Cut Your Projected Time in Half”

What Books I Read for “Fun” Taught Me About Leadership

I enjoy reading.  I try to read at least one book every couple of months.  In the last eight months, I’ve read books like Traction, Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why”, and two Tim Ferris books.  But I decided to change course and read one for “fun.” I first read a book called “Lost on theContinue reading “What Books I Read for “Fun” Taught Me About Leadership”

Detach & Gain Perspective

This meeting sucked.  The organizer had lost complete control.  Discussions went from factual to emotional.  Three conversations were happening at once.  And then, a crier. I knew the crier well.  She was on my team and I had worked with her over a year.  She was solid; able to take on any issue quickly andContinue reading “Detach & Gain Perspective”

You Just Spent $1,000 on a $40 Problem

Imagine this all-too common scenario; you’re dragged into a meeting setup by another manager who said “We have a problem and we need to meet right away!”  They don’t tell you what it is, what the impacts are, or what the outcome should be.  You sit down and realize immediately this 10 person meeting couldContinue reading “You Just Spent $1,000 on a $40 Problem”