Building a 212 Degree Team

Water. By itself, it’s inorganic, tasteless, odorless and colorless (most of the time anyway). It has no calories. There are no nutrients. However, all forms of life need it to survive. Water on its own is important. But, do you know what happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit? It boils. And when it boils, it createsContinue reading “Building a 212 Degree Team”

We All Need That “Yeah, But” Person

“Yeah, But…” You know the person I’m talking about. Everything you say gets a response starting with, “Yeah, but… that’s not gonna work… we’ve never done it that way before… we’ve always done it this way… that’s dumb. Here’s the smarter idea… They’re never satisfied with what you say. They rarely have ideas and whenContinue reading “We All Need That “Yeah, But” Person”

Would This Be Acceptable to Your Biggest Critic?

The other day I had a nostalgic moment when I was sending something to an executive director.  I reviewed the information being sent a couple times, but in the end didn’t feel it was complete.  Then I asked myself; would this be acceptable to the biggest critic I’ve ever had in my career? Flash backContinue reading “Would This Be Acceptable to Your Biggest Critic?”

Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!

Introverts.  Those quiet, shy people who when spoken to, turn red and look down.  They like to work on their own and after a team meeting, look so tired you’d swear they need a nap.  When you talk to them, the most extroverted of the introverts will look at your shoes vs. their own.  OnContinue reading “Introverts Round Out Dynamic Teams!”

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Imagine you’re running a program aimed at growing an area of the business.  It includes a new website, e-commerce solution, product development, marketing, and a conference.  You’re a little light on people to begin with, but everyone is super smart and aligned to the project’s goal.  Everyone is committed to its success. But that warmContinue reading “Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New”