How Project Management Can Help Fight the “IT and the Business” Paradox

Have you ever heard the term “IT and the Business?” Have you ever said “IT and the Business?” Did you know every time you say “IT and the Business” a baby kitten dies? OK, that last part isn’t true and probably a little harsh, but that’s the way I feel when I hear it. ThisContinue reading “How Project Management Can Help Fight the “IT and the Business” Paradox”

Project242: Embrace the Climbs

Project242 (P242) is my journey to bike 242 miles in 24 hours, across the state of Minnesota on gravel roads, in August, 2021 (the Day Across MN, or the DAMN). I’ve found many lessons experienced riding a bike can be applied to our careers. In these posts, I will share the correlations. My Garmin saidContinue reading “Project242: Embrace the Climbs”

Is Your PMO Leadership A Solid “Safety Bar”?

“Our PMO is like riding a roller coaster where the safety bar meant to keep you from flying out works about 50% of the time…or less.” The advantage of presenting and being a panelist at conferences, especially those virtual ones where someone doesn’t need to speak up in a crowded room, is you hear thingsContinue reading “Is Your PMO Leadership A Solid “Safety Bar”?”

Building a 212 Degree Team

Water. By itself, it’s inorganic, tasteless, odorless and colorless (most of the time anyway). It has no calories. There are no nutrients. However, all forms of life need it to survive. Water on its own is important. But, do you know what happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit? It boils. And when it boils, it createsContinue reading “Building a 212 Degree Team”

We All Need That “Yeah, But” Person

“Yeah, But…” You know the person I’m talking about. Everything you say gets a response starting with, “Yeah, but… that’s not gonna work… we’ve never done it that way before… we’ve always done it this way… that’s dumb. Here’s the smarter idea… They’re never satisfied with what you say. They rarely have ideas and whenContinue reading “We All Need That “Yeah, But” Person”