BTG offers all things Strategy and Project Management! Whether you’re trying to come up with your Strategic action plan for the upcoming year, prioritize the Portfolio, align projects under a larger Program, or just get that enterprise-impacting Project delivered, BTG can help. We want you initiatives to be success stories!

Strategy: We’ll look at your long term goals and develop strategies to get there. These action plans can be simplified for communication to your employees, or other relevant stakeholders.

Portfolio Management: Every company has more projects they can handle at any one time. With that, we’ll review the backlog of projects and prioritize them so only the right ones are done at the right time with the right people.

Program Management: Sometimes a really big project needs to be broken into smaller ones. We can identify what those projects are and what order they need to be done in to maximize business value.

Project Management: So you have a project and struggling to get it done! We’ll help clearly define the scope and tasks to deliver.

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