Do you have an initiative you’re committed to delivering and having a hard time getting it off the ground?  Is the proposed effort so large you’re struggling on an approach to complete all the work?

Projects are needed for an organization to grow and achieve its goals.  Projects deliver agreed to scope in a specific amount of time.  It’s easy in theory; hard in practice.

In my over 18 years experience in project management, I have managed all types of efforts; from complex IT projects to warehouse construction to process re-engineering.  Every project and team is different, and each effort comes with its own challenges.  I tailor my approach to the team and project, and create a culture of success.

I also have over 10 years experience in Program Management.  I can help break down large efforts into  logical components or work-streams, and link each effort together and create a “big picture” view.  By seeing the overall program at a higher level, management teams can ID issues, as well as opportunities, before they happen.