Process Development

Process Development is often overlooked.  When a company is busy, they’re focusing on getting work done, not necessarily HOW it’s getting done.  Before you know it, just when you think the company plans and executes well, you find out it’s not.

I have worked with a number of project management frameworks and from that experience, can help develop a repeatable and actionable methodology that fits the way your company does business.  It starts by doing an assessment of what works today and where there are challenges, then building in standardization and enhancements that meets your needs.

By having a defined process, your company will have greater predictability and consistency.  Think of it as everyone is singing from the same sheet of music.  We’ll develop “Rules & Guidelines” that give project managers or those leading efforts the flexibility to use parts of the process that make sense.

If you need processes created or refined, I have developed them for small companies of less than 50 people all the way up to Fortune 50 global organizations.

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