Will the Coronavirus Test Your Remote Team Leadership?

I remember when the H1N1 outbreak was happening in 2009. I was traveling frequently all over the U.S. As H1N1 picked up steam and more people contracted it, we were asked to temporarily limit or cancel travel all together. Getting on a plane posed a risk. However, to my boss at the time, an H1N1Continue reading “Will the Coronavirus Test Your Remote Team Leadership?”

Hitting the “Wall”

It was somewhere between mile 21 and 22. I’d felt it coming and was trying to prepare myself. My legs went from feeling OK to jelly. My body started to hurt in ways I’d never experienced. This marathon had to end. I wanted to be done. I hit the “Wall”. If you’re a runner, youContinue reading “Hitting the “Wall””

Different Types of Colleagues and Interacting With Them

I’ve read a couple stats saying up to half of U.S. workers will seek new jobs in 2020. Half! Are you one of them, too? In changing companies, you’ll meet new people and interact with different personalities. We’ve all read how to deal with difficult co-workers, especially as it relates to conflict, so I won’tContinue reading “Different Types of Colleagues and Interacting With Them”