Creating the PMO Business Case

You’ve asked a lot of questions to a diverse group of stakeholders. You’ve done an assessment. Now it’s time to create a PMO Business Case and start moving the needle from idea to reality. If you notice, I call it a PMO Business Case, not a PMO Charter. I don’t like the word “charter” whenContinue reading “Creating the PMO Business Case”

Conducting a PMO Assessment

As a consultant, I love doing assessments. Why? Because assessments help clients identify pain points and areas of opportunity. My favorite is the PMO assessment. Whether considering standing up a new PMO or revamping an existing, doing an assessment is a key initial step to setting one up. Though there are PMO maturity models, whichContinue reading “Conducting a PMO Assessment”

The Role of a PMO Steering Committee

Starting up or revamping a PMO is tricky and complex. They’re established to address a number of business opportunities and problems. If a PMO will help navigate these turbulent waters, it should not be on one or two people to determine its direction. Committed organizations will setup a PMO Steering Committee. I’ll start by sayingContinue reading “The Role of a PMO Steering Committee”

The Role of a PMO Executive Sponsor

When you’re in the process of setting up or revamping a PMO you, as the PMO leader, will need support and direction. Enter the PMO Executive Sponsor! The sponsor will give your PMO street cred. Though a PMO Steering Committee is not guaranteed, make the PMO Executive Sponsor a must-have. Otherwise, you may not haveContinue reading “The Role of a PMO Executive Sponsor”