Responding to Risk – PMBOK 3.10

“Continually evaluate exposure to risk, both opportunities and threats, to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts to the project and its outcomes.” PMBOK pg. 53 “What happens if you see a bear and then it tries to eat you? What if you’re running in the dark and fall off a cliff and break bothContinue reading “Responding to Risk – PMBOK 3.10”

Everything Was Going Fine, Until It Wasn’t (and what to do about it)

I had a plan. I had everything in place to support my plan. I was ready to execute and when I did, everything was going fine, until it wasn’t. I am an ultra distance runner and cyclist. I attribute my crossing the finish line to successful planning and execution. So when it came to theContinue reading “Everything Was Going Fine, Until It Wasn’t (and what to do about it)”

Navigating Complexity – PMBOK 3.9

“Continually evaluate and navigate project complexity so that approaches and plans enable the project team to successfully navigate the project life cycle.” PMBOK pg. 50 There are so many quotes about complexity: Complexity is the enemy of execution – Tony Robbins Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard toContinue reading “Navigating Complexity – PMBOK 3.9”

Quality is Key – PMBOK 3.8

“Maintain a focus on quality that produces deliverables that meet project objectives and align to the needs, uses, and acceptance requirements set forth by relevant stakeholders.” PMBOK, pg. 47 The vendor demo was turning bad real quick. The vendor built a beautiful website that was feature rich and visually appealing. Whether on a computer orContinue reading “Quality is Key – PMBOK 3.8”