Skipping Rocks & Changing Status

This is a bit of a nostalgic post following cleaning my truck this weekend and finding rocks I picked up on vacation. The week of Memorial Day this year we loaded up the truck and towed our camper to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.  I hadn’t been up in the area forContinue reading “Skipping Rocks & Changing Status”

“If it worked in Sharknado, why can’t it work for us too?!”

I believe the term “Think outside the box” is an overused cliche.  What is this box?  How big is this box?  Is the box a representation of the limits management believes employees are able to think within?  What if someone sets the box on fire?  When gathering a team to solve a complex issue, doContinue reading ““If it worked in Sharknado, why can’t it work for us too?!””

Yes, I Declined Your Meeting!

Meetings.  In my role, I’m in meetings 70% of my day, most of which I schedule.  These include status updates, decision making, following up on an action, or just planning out a near-term deliverable.  Each meeting has a reason for taking place, a goal to accomplish and points to cover at the time of creating. Continue reading “Yes, I Declined Your Meeting!”