“I’m Busy” is a BS Excuse; a Lesson From My 7 Year Old Son

My schedule for the day goes something like this: 5 AM: up and to the gym 6:30 AM: home, showered, changed, lookin’ adequate 6:50 AM: making the kids’ breakfast, find socks, pack bags, and make myself coffee before I lose my mind 7:48 AM: at work Noon: Lunch maybe, or just more work; depends onContinue reading ““I’m Busy” is a BS Excuse; a Lesson From My 7 Year Old Son”

Don’t Make the Problems You Create My Problems

My kids can recite one of dad’s favorite phrases; don’t make the problems you create my problems.  For example, my youngest runs around in the morning when he should be getting his stuff together for school.  We have to frequently remind him to find his glasses and get his backpack.  He knows what needs toContinue reading “Don’t Make the Problems You Create My Problems”

This Year, I’m Going to Tell More People to…

…be happy …have a great day …tell me the truth, not what I want to hear …F* off (in extreme cases) It is that time of year again when we look to the future and set goals to accomplish over the next 365 days.  Ah 2018, we’re glad you, and your possibilities, are here. EveryContinue reading “This Year, I’m Going to Tell More People to…”

Pain is Temporary, But Success is Contagious

“You wanna try this?”  A simple question from my neighbor as we discussed the various running and biking races taking place over this past summer.  A “Sure, why not” was my response which landed us overlooking a lake for the longest triathlon I’ve done to date.  A 550 yard swim, 21 mile bike and 5Continue reading “Pain is Temporary, But Success is Contagious”