Navigating Complexity – PMBOK 3.9

“Continually evaluate and navigate project complexity so that approaches and plans enable the project team to successfully navigate the project life cycle.” PMBOK pg. 50 There are so many quotes about complexity: Complexity is the enemy of execution – Tony Robbins Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard toContinue reading “Navigating Complexity – PMBOK 3.9”

Quality is Key – PMBOK 3.8

“Maintain a focus on quality that produces deliverables that meet project objectives and align to the needs, uses, and acceptance requirements set forth by relevant stakeholders.” PMBOK, pg. 47 The vendor demo was turning bad real quick. The vendor built a beautiful website that was feature rich and visually appealing. Whether on a computer orContinue reading “Quality is Key – PMBOK 3.8”

Tailoring Your Approach – PMBOK 3.7

“Design the project development approach based on the context of the project, its objectives, stakeholders, governance, and the environment using “just enough” process to achieve the desired outcome while maximizing value, managing cost, and enhancing speed.” PMBOK, pg. 44 The checklist I was looking at had 15 primary tasks, five per phase-gate. Each task couldContinue reading “Tailoring Your Approach – PMBOK 3.7”

Leadership Behaviors – PMBOK 3.6

“Demonstrate and adapt leadership behaviors to support individual and team needs.” PMBOK, pg. 40 Leadership is one of the most critical skills a project professional needs for success. In most instances, project managers are assigned to a project and given a team to which they have no formal authority over. Leadership is the differentiator betweenContinue reading “Leadership Behaviors – PMBOK 3.6”

Be a Holistic, Systems Thinker – PMBOK 3.5

“Recognize, evaluate, and respond to the dynamic circumstances within and surrounding the project in a holistic way to positively affect project performance.” PMBOK, pg. 37 I don’t know how many times the word “system” is used in section 3.5, but it’s a LOT! Projects, though done to deliver specific scope and benefits, usually interact withContinue reading “Be a Holistic, Systems Thinker – PMBOK 3.5”