How Does Your Team Treat Failure

Like so many parents, I spent the weekend sitting, watching, and cheering for my child’s team. Swimming consists of being in hot pool areas, watching races for sometimes hours, only to see your kiddo swim for a minute or less. It can be long and boring followed by short bursts of energy, but well worthContinue reading “How Does Your Team Treat Failure”

Strategic Priorities: Figuring Out What You’re Doing And What You’re Not

The excitement. The laughter. The ideas. The energy. It was amazing! Imagine you have a business idea, one for a very niche market where your friends are lining up to subscribe. It’s something you enjoy doing and want to share your passion with others. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! That’s what two friends were describing overContinue reading “Strategic Priorities: Figuring Out What You’re Doing And What You’re Not”

The Value of Informal Communication

A 30 minute coffee meeting turned into 90. Before we knew it, we both had other meetings to go to. Where had the time gone? What started as reviewing the scope of a program turned into a conversation about our personal lives, one that found many commonalities. Your kiddo swims? So does mine! My familyContinue reading “The Value of Informal Communication”