Doing Work vs. Having Fun; A Double Sided Axe

As I walked my dog down a wooded trail towards the horse campground at a local state park, I enjoyed and appreciated the shade of the large cottonwood trees above me. The temperature was a 85 degrees, but with the humidity felt like 96. In the distance, progressively growing louder, I heard laughter accompanied byContinue reading “Doing Work vs. Having Fun; A Double Sided Axe”

You Mean We’re Working From Home, Forever!?!?!

It felt like it all happened in the blink of an eye. We went from talking about “this Wuhan thing” (as one person in a meeting put it) to full-blown pandemic. Meeting in conference rooms moved to Zoom seemingly overnight. Large desks with multiple monitors in cubicles turned into laptops on beer-stained card tables inContinue reading “You Mean We’re Working From Home, Forever!?!?!”

If You’re Wrong, Your Team Will Let You Know

I have a baseball analogy I’ve used for a number of years. Being a Minnesota Twins fan since I can remember, there are a handful of players I’ve enjoyed watching. Joe Mauer, the slugging left-handed catcher and first baseman, had a lifetime batting average of .306. In baseball terms, is very good. What does thatContinue reading “If You’re Wrong, Your Team Will Let You Know”

What Type Of Motivation Moves Your Team?

If you’re a runner and had a race calendar planned out for 2020, it probably fell apart sometime mid March to early April. Races postponed, postponed again, or outright cancelled. It’s sad, but a reality we all face. The half marathon I’ve run every year since 2011 was initially postponed from May to August 29th.Continue reading “What Type Of Motivation Moves Your Team?”

How to Continue Loving (or at least liking) Your Job as WFH Continues

Sick of hearing about COVID? Yeah, me too. But unfortunately, it continues to consume our lives daily with increased cases and “doom and gloom” news articles. If you’re working from home now, chances are you will be for awhile. I talk to a number of team members, both those who love working from home (myselfContinue reading “How to Continue Loving (or at least liking) Your Job as WFH Continues”