About Jason

Jason Orloske the founder of Bridge the Gap Consulting, LLC. He is a transformational business leader with 20 years experience helping companies bridge the gap between vision and implementation through strategic development, project, program and portfolio management.  Jason spends time with executives and their management teams to completely uncover the problems, challenges or opportunities currently being faced. Once identified, he develops right-sized solutions that aligns with the company’s vision and strategy.  Jason then works with management to gather a project team, gain their commitment on roles and tasks, and drive the execution through implementation.

Jason understands there is no “one size fits all” model to deliver projects.  Every company, project and team is different.  Jason tailors his approach by understanding your business needs, gaining trust from the people involved and applying unique project management methods and processes to deliver value.

Common Business Issues Jason Can Help Solve:

  • Work with the visionary “big thinkers” to create business strategies
  • Spend time listening and asking questions to fully uncover the problem and/or opportunity
  • Work with teams to implement strategic initiatives on time, on budget and with required scope
  • Help teams recover strategic initiatives that have gone “off the rails”
  • Obtain commitment and accountability amongst the team, stakeholders, and vendors if involved
  • Align project management practices to the way your company operates

Some key accomplishments in Jason’s career include:

  • Managed a $95M Project Management Office (PMO) while enhancing processes to keep pace with 20% sales growth year-over-year
  • Developed a $15M integration portfolio consisting of 23 projects and a global team of IT and operational staff
  • Worked with executives to develop 12-24 month strategic plans and key metrics to monitor by quarter to ensure initiatives stay on track
  • Implemented the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for a state-wide Blue Cross Blue Shield that consisted of 20+ projects, multiple project managers and 4 vendors, all while staying agile given the frequent government changes
  • Developing highly cohesive, dynamic project teams
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