Daily 2-Minute Drill

If you watch American football, you understand the concept of the “2-minute drill”. It’s essentially a hurry-up offense in the last two minutes of a half. When I played high school football, we practiced the two minute drill every day. We knew the plays to run so we could do a “no huddle” and keep the defense on their heels. It required a lot of physical ability and more importantly, focus.

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I still do 2-minute drills today. In my workouts, the last two minutes before the cool-down I go extremely fast. My belief is when you’re tired from a long workout, pushing that last little bit trains your body and mind to go further, and prepares you for the race ahead. It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone!

Though the 2-minute drill is good at the gym or the field, I’ve also found benefits of a 2-minute drill for my mind, personal health and professional development.

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What if I did something almost everyday for 2 minutes that required total focus? Where I shut everything around me off and for just 2 minutes, do something for my own well-being and growth. What benefits would that have? What could it motivate me to do? Doing anything for one minute is easy, but two minutes requires (at least in my opinion) 10x more focus and effort.

So, a few months ago I thought, what the hell, let’s try it!

Most days I brainstorm something or get ideas online, set a timer for 2 minutes and do it. Some things have been easy, others hard, and yet others uncomfortable. But you know what, it’s been great!

Sure, a lot of the things have taken more than two minutes, but that’s OK. If I get into a flow (state of concentration in which action seems to be effortless), ten minutes can go by like nothing and I feel accomplished.

I’ve been writing down my 2-minute drills. So, at the request and prodding of a few people, I’ll post five 2-minute drills every Monday on LinkedIn and Twitter (@FargoProjectMgr) in the event others would like to try it. Some of these ideas you may think are nuts and won’t do them. That’s alright. Others, you may say why not try it! In any case, I hope you find them interesting and you at least try a few!

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