A Retrospective After Writing 100 Blog Posts

This is blog post #101. I didn’t have much of a goal when I started blogging. The idea of sharing ideas, frustrations, losses and wins seemed like a good idea. In many ways, it’s been therapeutic!

I started because someone asked how if PM’s are so damn good, how come projects keep failing? Good question! They do keep failing. PMI stats prove it. I’ve had failures. My peers have had failures. What could a person do to reduce the failure rate?

My idea was to share my failures, challenges and successes. Because I focus more on the “art” of project management than the “science”, I wanted to highlight interpersonal related items vs. how you create a schedule or calculating NPV (thank you Google calculators!). Maybe one person would read something that helped them. If so, it was worth it.

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I took a look back at some of my early posts and did a brief retrospective about what I’ve learned during my time writing. If you’re considering blogging or contributing to any publications, I hope you find these helpful!

Risk-taking. The first time I hit “Publish” my blood pressure ran high. It still does. Whether it’s an idea or expressing an opinion, I’m opening myself up to ridicule. I’ve learned to accept the risk, though.

Writing Style. My first posts were wordy. Lots of loooong sentences. Since then, I’ve shortened things up and been more direct. I’ve found how to be more descriptive and inspirational in words used.

Criticism. I’ve gotten constructive criticism that I learned from and also gotten some nasty comments. The first nasty comment hurt, but when I researched the person, they always left nasty comments. I’ve learned to let those go. Constructive criticism has taught me to look at concepts and ideas from a different angle, thus using it as a learning opportunity.

Expanding Knowledge. Ideas and inspiration comes from interactions and reading. When I get an idea, I research it more. From that research, I learn more about the topic.

Being Entrepreneurial & Selling. When I started my own consulting business, I didn’t know how to market myself (I’m in project portfolio management, not sales and marketing!). Blogging was a good way to showcase skills, knowledge, who I am and my approach to working with others. I direct potential clients to topics I’ve posted and it’s helped.

Observing the World. Inspiration is everywhere! To find it, one needs to be observant. Keep your eyes open!

Reading. It’s true. Those who write, read.

If you’re starting a blog, I wish you success. It’s taught me a lot and expect it will teach you, also. Don’t worry if you go back and read some of your early work and say “Holy hell, that was bad!” Stick with it and don’t listen to the haters. Hopefully, you find joy and some therapy from it!

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