The Grind of Project Success

In my last post, I talked about “Project Get Fit” that may or may not be on your 2020 resolution list. You set goals, you make a plan, and you execute. Sounds simple, right? But once you start, you quickly realize you’re going to have to grind, work and deal with discomfort to be successful.

I’m normally a 5-6 day a week gym attendee. However, now that I’m training for a triathlon, I’m at the gym 7-9 times a week (before and after work a couple of days)! Lots of time in the pool, on bikes and on the treadmill (training outside in North Dakota in January is tough). It’s a grind, but it’s what is required if I want the best chance of being successful.

Image result for grinding at the gym"

Projects follow a very similar pattern.

First, a goal is established, usually by the executive team, who then develop a list of initiatives required to meet that goal. There is excitement as everyone believes completing these initiatives will help propel the company forward.

Next, project requests are approved and the projects become real! Again, there is excitement to get these moving. You gather the team, do some planning, and you’re off to the races!

And then the grind really begins.

Issues will inevitably pop up. Personnel get pulled into production issues. The sponsor leaves the company and the new one has completely different ideas. Dates are in jeopardy. Compliance notifies you of a regulation change (those of you working in a federally regulated environment know what i mean). Someone doubts the project will ever get done. You manage these, and more, constantly.

Everyday is a grind. It can be daunting and tiring. But then, you have success! A milestone is achieved. A stakeholder tells you how happy they are about progress. The project completes and you see the success everyone anticipated.

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That’s when you realize, the grind has been worth it!

Whether your project is in the gym, in the office, or both, you’re going to have to grind it out. There can be discomfort, issues, and a number of scenarios thrown your way. Success is a grind! Go get it and good luck!

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