Spring Cleaning Uncovers Your Procrastinations

It’s been a REALLY long winter! Anyone in the norther U.S. can attest to the constant cold and continuous snow that was dumped on us over and over again. Even some of my peers in the southern states talked about how cold the winter was. Needless to say, there was a lot of inside time staying warm!

Over the last couple weeks, though, temperatures have been going up and the snow quickly melting. Birds are returning from their winter locations and people are coming outdoors to play with their kids and reconnect with others they haven’t talked to in a while.

It also means spring cleaning! You know, that time of year where you can clean up your house, apartment, or where ever you live, inside and out.

Over the weekend I decided that with warm temps and lots of sunshine, I was going to clean my truck, garage, shed and some other things around the yard. I figured it would take maybe 2 hours. It look half the day!

What I found was I had procrastinated doing incremental work over the winter, which meant I had even more work to do once spring rolled around! Sure, I could blame it on the cold. The snow. The kids needing something. Traveling. Any number of things. But no matter the number of excuses, I was still cleaning up bits of broken plastic sled off the garage floor that had been there for three months. I also like to keep my vehicles fairly clean, but there I was vacuuming what seemed like a beach worth of sand off the floor mats and out of the carpet of my truck. Both these I could have done at some point during the winter months, but didn’t.

Spring cleaning uncovers our procrastinations. Sure, the winter weather sucked, but not all the time. There were times you could have done some work instead of doing almost double now. Remember that next time you procrastinate and put off work. It could come back later and be a lot harder and take a lot longer to get done!

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