Are You Thankful For Your Job?

Thanksgiving; that magical holiday where we fill ourselves turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and the occasional glass(es) of wine.  We gather with family and friends and enjoy the laughs and dysfunction that goes along with it.  Then there’s the pouring over ads to find that perfect Black Friday gift while nibbling on leftovers from the meal just a few hours ago.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for this and many other things in our lives.  But one of those I rarely hear is being thankful for our jobs.  Usually, when conversations turn to our jobs there’s a lot of complaining and disdain.  Bad bosses, mean coworkers, lousy pay, too much work and not enough balance, and the list goes on and on.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s what I’m thankful for when it comes to the project portfolio management career I’ve enjoyed for almost 20 years:

My Sponsors and Engaged Management & Stakeholders.  I value these people and work hard to build evergreen relationships with them.  When they’re engaged and I run into an issue, I rely on my relationships and their position to get the resources I need as quickly as possible.  They’re also a good sounding board when I need to bounce something off of someone.

My Team.  I’m always thankful for the team I work with.  They do the work and when we hit a milestone, I love throwing celebrations and highlighting their efforts to management.  Without them, nothing would get done.

A Great Boss.  A great boss is someone who believes in you, trusts you, and knows you can move the project from inception to completion.  They also got your back when needed and can help when those escalations pop up.

Empowered to Get Things Done.  Goes along with the great boss and building trust with sponsors & stakeholders.  When I’m empowered, that means I can also empower others also.  With that, we can make decisions and not lose valuable time.

A Fantastic Professional Network.  The project management community is a good one.  PM’s have stressful jobs because we’re expected to deliver results but have no authority.  If I have a question or seeking advice, I’m just a quick LinkedIn post away from some great information.

New Day, New Challenges & Opportunities.  There aren’t too many careers out there as dynamic as being a PM.  Every day is different and each is filled with challenges and opportunities.  It has taught me “it’s always showtime!” and to be ready for anything.

What in your job are you thankful for?  If it’s only the paycheck, you’re probably in the market for a new job already.  But if there’s more and you go to a place you enjoy daily, that’s a job to be thankful for.


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