If I Don’t Get Up, I Could Fail At Something

Recently Mark Wahlberg shared his daily routine.  It includes getting up at 2:30 AM, two workouts, work time, family time and personal time.  It’s a jam-packed schedule!  Even though there are a couple of question marks about how much time he puts in certain tasks, I’m still impressed!

The day after this was published I was having lunch with a few friends.  Two of them couldn’t believe anyone would get out of bed before 7 in the morning, especially on the weekends.  Another felt two workouts a week was sufficient, let alone two a day.  But my take was different; 6 days a week I get up at 4:45 AM to get moving.  Why?  Because I believe if I don’t get my ass up, I’ll fail at something!

What am I afraid at failing at?  Most of these early mornings include going to the gym or heading outside for a run.  During these workouts I usually listen to podcasts or audio books, which will kick-off ideas for other things I’m working on.  Then when I get home, I have about an hour before kids get up where I buckle down and get work done.  I push hard because I know I’m focused.  When I get to the office, who knows what I’ll be faced with so get it done now.  If I don’t, I may fail to get it done later.

We’re all afraid of failure.  It’s natural.  But we all fear different things.  For me, if I don’t get up, I could fail at:

  • My next race
  • A project at work
  • Being a good husband/father
  • Leading our church council
  • Falling behind in the writings I’m working on
  • Work around the house
  • Helping co-workers or those I’m mentoring to be successful
  • Letting myself down

Getting up at 4:45 AM isn’t for everybody (heck, it’s probably not for most).  But we all need to have a reason to get moving.  If we don’t, we might fail.

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