I’m the Sum People’s Hard Work

Last weekend I ran my first trail marathon.  It ended up being 26.8 miles, 11,288 feet of elevation change, 57,400 steps on the Fit Bit, 3 times falling (lots of tree roots & rocks), and 1 large blister on my foot.  It was the most challenging, and most fun, I’ve ever had running.  I can’t wait to do it again!

Now that it’s done, people are saying “Congrats!  You did it!!  Good job!”  It feels nice to hear that since I’m the one who’s got the sore legs.  But at the end of the day, I’m just the guy who ran it.  There was a team behind me that helped drive success.  I am the sum of a lot of people’s hard work.

  • My awesome wife for her patience and understanding, as well as ensuring I had time to train (328 miles ran, 5.5 hours of stair master time, plus countless other workouts)
  • My kids for understanding when I said “Dad’s kind of tired guys”
  • The mentor who ran the race before and gave me great advice on what to buy, bring, and what to leave behind
  • My chiropractor for keeping me aligned
  • The sales guy who took the time to understand what I needed and got me the right equipment
  • My race-day running buddies who I met at mile 2 and spent many more hours with, including Rock Tape, Fanny, Green Lantern, and Power Poles; thanks for the laughs and motivation when times got tough.

Whether you’ve had a major accomplishment at work or in your personal life, there have been others who supported you along the way.  Your team, your family, even someone who came in for a short time but made a big impact, helped bring success.  You are the sum of people’s hard work.

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