I Passed the PMP!! Now What?

First, I want to congratulate all those who recently passed the PMP exam.  Having done so prior to the 6th edition of the PMBOK cut-over is quite a feat and one you should be proud of.  I hope you celebrated (I know I did back in 2010 when I got mine).  And if you’re one of the few who have passed the PMP exam since the 6th edition went live, you’re rock stars in my book!

That said, there have recently been a number of LinkedIn posts asking “I have a PMP!  Now what?”  Well, there are a lot of “It Depends” when it comes to answering that question.  So, I’ll break down my top answers:

Get More Experience!  Though the certification is great, it’s a certification.  It can help get you past the dreaded HR gate having it, but ultimately won’t get you the job.  Most of us who hire PM’s will want to know your experience.  I love a good story about large initiatives that were challenging but successful.  Even if you have experience, keep getting more!

“Agile” Certifications.  These can include certifications like Scrum (CSM & CSP), PMI-ACP and SAFe.  Though traditionally for IT projects, these frameworks are making their way into more industries.  **I’ll save my “Agile” is a mindset rant for another day.

Other PMI Certifications.  Just go to https://www.pmi.org/certifications and you’ll find a wealth of information.

Apply for that Job With Confidence!  Maybe there’s a job you’ve had your eye on for awhile but didn’t want to go for it.  Well now, armed with your shiny new certification, you can have greater confidence to apply!

Last word of advice.  Now that you have your PMP, your confidence level is probably on a high, which is awesome.  But when looking at next steps, don’t consider getting another certification just to have another certification.  Get one that matches your long-term career goals.

Again, congratulations and best of luck!

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