What’s Your Team’s Battle Cry?!

I thought hockey parents traveled a lot to tournaments until one of my kids joined swimming.  There are a lot of weekends sitting in uncomfortably hot bleachers waiting for potentially hours to watch a 50 second swim.  Though long days, if he loves it, how can I say no?

At the start of every meet, the entire swim team gets together, arms around each other, and sing a song to get fired up.  Everyone participates, even my son who can be shy at times.  They sing, sway, jump and holler as a team.  Given they swim as individuals, this is the one time the team can get together ahead of their competition.

pool cheer

This got me to thinking; does my team have a battle cry?  Yes, most I’ve been part of do.  Currently it’s “Happy to Help” (or H2H), then there was the Overall System Health Information Team (OSHIT), and from way back the “Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today” team.  Each team was different.  Each had their own unique personalities.  But ultimately, we somehow created our own group name, a battle cry, that followed us throughout the course of the effort and sometimes beyond.

So what is your team’s battle cry?  What makes your team stand out, yet brings everyone together?  What gives you identity?    Though not a critical success factor for the team, it certainly is fun.

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