Be Careful What You Wish For; You May Actually Get It

“Holy crap, I didn’t think I’d actually get selected!!”

For the last two years I have thought about putting my name into a lottery to run a marathon.  This isn’t your average marathon, though.  This is a trail run along the north shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota in September.  They only allow 400 runners for the marathon, so there’s a lottery to be get selected.

When I finally entered myself into the lottery, I was fairly confident I wouldn’t be picked.  Given the number of applicants and return runners, I was sure my $110 entry fee if selected was safe.  But alas, when I got the email yesterday saying “Congratulations!”, my heart skipped a beat.  My credit card was charged.  My name is on the runner register for the world to see.  I’m committed.

So now I’m off to create a training plan that not only includes putting in the miles, but also hitting the weights.  This race boasts 11,000 of elevation change.  Living in Fargo, ND, I don’t have much opportunity for elevation variation (in one 14 mile run I did there was literally 58 feet of elevation change).  My wife also said I need to understand the risks given this is a trail run through the woods with little support if I got hurt.  Or what if I get eaten by a bear?

I had a goal this year to run a race that was more extreme.  I guess that’s going to happen.  Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!



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