This Year, I’m Going to Tell More People to…

…be happy

…have a great day

…tell me the truth, not what I want to hear

…F* off (in extreme cases)

It is that time of year again when we look to the future and set goals to accomplish over the next 365 days.  Ah 2018, we’re glad you, and your possibilities, are here.

Every year I develop goals that are more than just “go to the gym” or “spend more time reading.”  I make them realistic and in some cases, even fun.  I also post them because then there’s greater accountability for me to accomplish.  I try to create a catchy acronym so they’re easier to remember.  This year it’s FEDUP; Family, Education, Develop, Ultra, Presentations.

  • Family: spend a week with my family completely detached from work making memories and having adventures, going to a location we’ve never been to
  • Education/Professional Development: attend at least two seminars/webinars on servant leadership and organizational agility, as those are areas I’m interested in and want to learn more about
  • Develop Others: I will be the president of my church council and work with others to develop strategies that will help our congregation, and the surrounding community, grow.  I’d also like to setup a networking group within our church given we have 1500+ members
  • Ultra-marathon: this is a stretch goal, but considering an ultra marathon (a race longer than 26.2 miles); I may do a trail-running marathon instead (the one I’m looking at has 11k feet of elevation change over 26.2 miles!)
  • Presentations: present project management or leadership concepts at two PMI or similar events

So there they are, my 2018 goals are set and I’m ready to take them on.  What area your goals?

And oh ya, have a great day!

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