The Season of Hope

I’m not a fan of the word “HOPE.”  It’s a 4 letter word for me because in the absence of a plan or strategy, the only thing you have is a hope that everything will go your way.  Hope doesn’t deliver results.

However, when I reminded someone today that hope wasn’t a strategy, they reminded me this is the season of hope.  I should embrace, even for a short time, that it exists.  So to that end, I will celebrate the season by HOPING the following for your initiatives:

  • Your project is aligned with organizational strategy
  • The sponsor is strong and supportive, not passive and apathetic
  • Stakeholders understand your project, its importance, and provide resources in a timely manner
  • Your project team is cohesive and dynamic & conflicts are kept professional and not personal
  • The change requests stay at a minimum
  • Project finances stay in the black
  • You don’t have to pull out your “scope stick” and beat those individuals who try to add scope by going directly to team members
  • Your processes exist but are flexible enough to be customized to the project
  • People don’t piss you off too much
  • Your status meetings are short and no one complains about your status reports
  • You celebrate yours, and your team’s, continued success

Happy holidays!

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