Skipping Rocks & Changing Status

This is a bit of a nostalgic post following cleaning my truck this weekend and finding rocks I picked up on vacation.

The week of Memorial Day this year we loaded up the truck and towed our camper to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.  I hadn’t been up in the area for many years and it looked about the same as I remember; huge boulders, jagged cliffs, small towns, pine forests and an unhealthy quantity of pie shops.  One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is the flat rocks found along the shore.IMG_20170530_162133914_HDR

For those not familiar with the North Shore, the rocks are smooth and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  When I was a kid, I remember running up and down the shoreline, bounding from boulder to boulder, grabbing rocks and throwing them into the water.  I watched my dad skipping rocks and he showed me how to skip them also.  We competed over who could skip more.  I can remember grabbing a nice flat rock, looked at my dad and asked how long he thought it’d been there.  His response was “Who knows, but you’re about to change its status from a land rock to a water rock.”

I had forgotten those words until my two sons and I were skipping rocks near the same spot my dad said them to me.  I taught them how to skip rocks and climb on the large boulders while my wife stood by shaking her head, wondering who was going to get hurt first.  I said the statement “You’re about to change its status from a land rock to a water rock” a few times.  I’m sure they heard me and at some point in the future, hope they remember what I said also.

That day, many years ago, was a delayed lesson-learned only now I understand.  The rock didn’t have a choice; I changed its status by taking it from land and putting it in the water.  We as humans, however, have a choice.  Even if someone else tries to change our status; termination due to downsizing, new boss/manager as part of a restructure, birth of a child, illness of a spouse, we own our own response.  So as we look at a new year right around the corner ask yourself; should I change my status?

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